Saturday, December 13, 2008

Dallin loves his older brother, who always makes him laugh, just by smiling or laughing. Here's the boys going to town, with Jon's help. (I only caught the tail end of it!)

Friday, December 12, 2008

This is a long video, but I couldn't believe how long I filmed with him not knowing. Caleb loves to watch the old school "Kinght Rider" and he grooves to the music by just bouncing!

So this is how Dallin sits now days.

And, this is how he gets around! Yep, to Jon's dismay, Dallin loves to scoot back until he rolls through the middle splits! I get a kick watching him do this all day long.

Finally, a smiling picture. Dallin (and Caleb for that matter) is so smiley, but as soon as he hears or sees the camera, he's in awe and wants the camera. It's hard to get a photo of him smiling and not moving!

A common occurance: Caleb loves to get in the crib with Dallin. Caleb can't wait for Dallin to wake up and I can't wait for Dallin to grow up, only to play with Caleb (of course I love the stage in life where they still don't crawl!)

This is the look I get ALL the TIME! Love it!

Annual family outing to Gateway on November 12 (the day and place I went on my first date with Jon). We've had our picture taken here every year, including on our first date (don't ask why he had a camera . . . yeh, I thought it was strange, but now I'm glad we have a photo of our first date! Not too many people do.)

It was a doosey! So Caleb threw a ping-pong ball (yes! A PING pong ball) up in the air, never minding he was under the stairs and the ceiling was 3" from his face! He did what his dad always tells him . . . to keep his eye on the ball. It left a pretty mark and a FAT lip for several days. I kept looking for a golf ball under the stairs, but only found the ping-pong ball. The kid must have a great arm!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

So, I forgot to turn this picture, but I'm in a hurry, so you'll have to turn your heads! Hey, just pretend that 'Buzz' is flying. Caleb loved being Buzz this year. He had a blast seeing all his "friends" (which is everyone he sees in our neighborhood) walking around in costumes! I just loved his cute knocked knees in this costume!

Here's our TV junkie! I loves to watch TV and thinks that they are talking to him when there's closeups speaking to the camera, which usually makes him give a loud chuckle!

This is one of my favorite pictures of them for some reason. The classic Caleb face.

Enjoying a little picnic up Nebo Loop to see the Fall leaves. Caleb had a cold, so he was a trooper and still let us go up.

Visiting grandpa Emmerson (Jon's dad) for his birthday in September.
This post is short, but I do want to send a warm thank you to all who have helped me and voted for my shabby apple vingette. The voting closes tomorrow night, so we'll see . . . I think it's close!

Saturday, November 8, 2008


Have all you ladies out there been to Shabby Apple's site? [ ] If not you are truly missing out. I have to admit that I "stalk" their website because I just love looking at their gorgeous and stylish dresses, wishing I had all of them, and grateful that they were smart and brave enough to start such an awesome business. Way to go girls!

So, growing up I didn't like to wear dresses that much (just ask my mom). But that has certainly changed; even more so having gone through the whole pregnancy thing a few times and solely wanting to be a 'good-looking' woman again. What more could a gal want than to feel feminine and look fabulous wearing a modest dress that's free from bulges due to under-layering? I've been "obsessed" with playing around with their dresses and accessaries, trying to find what outfits I love best. Well, I'm not good at decision making, but I love this elegantly simple black dress, Beauty Mark. I got so excited at all the accessorizing you can do with it, that I actualy dreamt about it last night. That is a clear sign that I need to put my ideas down. This is for a contest they are having.

Who doesn't want to go on a Mediterranean Cruise? (especially young mothers who deserve it, right?) I personally haven't ever been on a cruise, but I've been extended the possibility of going on this cruise next year, and would love, love, love to get this dress (and any one of the outfits) to make the experience a real dream! This is the inspiration to my vingettes. The best part of this is that you only have to take one dress, and then pack up all the accessories to make your visits to each port a special occasion.

So the next four posts each show a vingette for a MEDITERRANEAN CRUISE vingette package, all with the same dress. I love them all, but my favorite is this first one. (I just couldn't resist posting the others too!)

"Venetian Stroll"

the Beauty Mark black dress
Lauren shopper sac
Power flats in red

Also reccommended:
a Real Time headbnd in red
Cancun earings

Blizzard bracelet

How fun would it be to sport this as you stroll around Venice, browsing at all the little shops? Fantstica!

Isn't this a stink'n cute outfit?!

Shabby Apple has great stuff and a great site (try the figure fitting assistant!):
It's a must! A dress for everyone and litterally for every occassion!

Wearing again the wonderful Beauty Mark dress in the vingette:

"Italian Opera"

Sutdio 54 clutch
Beautiful heels

Also reccommended:

Jungle earings
Flirt slip
80s Baby bracelets

Cinturon in gold

This stunning ensemble sets the tone for an evening out at an Italian opera. Elaborata!

This entire fancy outfit by Shabby Apple can be found at

Here you can wear the Beauty Mark dress in the vingette:
"Night on the Riviera"
Lilly tote
Take the Plunge wedges in blue

Also reccommended:

Rock Princess II bracelet
Rock Princess necklace

Imagine relaxing on a yatch on the French Riviera and eating all the tasty pastries at the cafe on the shore in this outrageously cute composition! Chic!

Shop for all of it at Shabby Apple:

Using the same wonderful Beauty Mark dress , this vingette is named

Gigi clutch
Black Persnickety boots

Also reccommended:

Maritime belt
Peach Flamenco flower in hair

Flont this fun wear to the late-night, high-spirited, and fun flamenco club in Barcelona, Spain. Que cheverisimo!
You should all visit Shabby Apple at
The IDEAL dream would obviously be having a different Shabby Apple dress for each day, though, don't you think? Check them out! You'll love them!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Another mug shot. If Caleb doesn't start pork'n out soon, Dallin's going to pass him up easy and take him down when he's a little older!
Check out this slobber bubble! It was there for a while, until Caleb thought it was fun to pop it.

We finally made it out on the water last month. Too bad I got motion sickness (no! I'm not pregnant!) and didn't do much, but at least I made it on the boat. My boys had a great time, including being submerged by Grandpa.
A summer day, just relaxing and taking a nap on the porch. Who gets to do that these days that isn't old and retired? Oh yeh, that would be my lazy boys! ok, so Jon's not lazy, but the other two could pass.
Caleb loves to be by Dallin, so here are some mug shots on the couch (the only place I let them sit together).

Dallin had hernia surgery a few weeks ago. It went well and he was a trooper! Here he is still waiting for the meds to wear off so we could take him home.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Caleb still loves his mommy though. We hung out at our cabin in Millcreek Canyon to give dad a break.

See, they really are two peas in a pod. Sometimes I feel bad for Jon that he always has a talking shadow. But, then I get over it and I love it!

Caleb and Jon went to a Demolition Derby a couple weeks ago. Now all Caleb wants to do is watch this video and relive the exciting night. He loved watching the cars crash and now makes all his cars crash into each other when he plays. I'm glad Jon took him and a great father-son outing, even though every day is father-son day around here. Dad's Caleb's best bud!

We had Dallin blessed last month. He slept the whole day pretty much, so we never really got a good picture of him. Come to think of it, Caleb did the same thing when he was blessed, so I guess it's ok that neither of our boys have good pictures from their blessing day. Oh well. At least we got one together as a family, right?

We're loving that Dallin found his thumb, and actually prefers it most of the time. He just likes to make his parents happy!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

This is the first time Dallin decided to smile long enough so I could get a picture! He's such a good baby!! Caleb has been pretty good with him too, except when he wants to make us mad and he takes a swipe near Dallin. He doesn't actually hit him, but gets as close as he can, like he's threatening us. It's kind of funny.
We went to a SL Bees game and made it through dinner before the game and untill the bottom of the 6th! that's longer than I thought we'd make it before one of the boys got too difficult. Of coarse it was Caleb, who only sat still while he had food loaded with sugar (he gets his sweet tooth from his mom)! Caleb kept meso busy, that as we left I had to ask Jon who they were even playing! Pathetic. Over all we had fun, but next time we're getting a sitter!

So here's how my Sunday went, and why I'm about done typing right now:
As I was trying to decide what shoes to wear to church, and Jon and the boys were already in the car, I stood on our bathtub (as I usually do when I want to see my feet, because we have to get another full-length mirror). I grabbed the top of the shower, next to the tub, to get down, and my ring caught! Instant pain and blood! the ring sliced some skin, but I was just glad that I still had my finger. Don't get any incredibly gross ideas, because it's fine, after going to the emergency room and getting my ring cut off to avoid cutting off my circulation because it swelled so much. Thank goodness it was only my CTR ring ,that I never take off, and not my wedding ring. I will now only ever wear my wedding ring, because I'm so perinoid. It hit me hard to think I could have lost my finger, which is very common. I strained the ligaments in my joint, but it will be fine soon.
Here's some pointers I want to give after my experience:
Remove all your rings when doing activities where they could get caught, i.e. water skiing and rock climbing were mentioned by the nurse.
Titanium ring are EXTREMELY difficult to cut off (and I imagine painful).
Don't ice appendages with gel packs, only ice, because ice melts at body temperature and gel does not, which can cause frostbite (yes, I found out by experience, but it was very minor, just painful)!
(Guys think it's: don't care what you wear)

The funny part is, a couple of my gilfriends in the neighborhood do the same thing; I don't feel dumb afterall!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

We go with Heidi's family once a year to a Salt Lake Bees (Triple A) baseball game each summer. Caleb saw the mascot coming towards him and this is how he reacted. Classic!
This is one of my favorite pictures of all time of Caleb. This was taken in Rexburg, ID. We have made it a family tradition to go there each summer. So far we have been successful. 3 for 3. I love it because I went to school and I have a ton of memories. This picture Caleb just looks like a cool dude!
We caught Caleb with Heidi's sunglasses. Love this picture.
Caleb is known for his 'shifty eyes.' This picture is in the cafeteria at BYU-Idaho. He looks so innocent, but only if you knew.
This is old, it's from his first birthday party. It was just Mom, Dad, Aunt Mindy, and Uncle Jeff. Heidi made the hat for him. He thought it was pretty cool. Notice the sweet bib on him, you can't read it, but it says Chick Magnet. Thanks Ashley and Justin!