Saturday, August 29, 2009

We were walking on campus at BYU while waiting for Jon to finish a test, when the sprinklers turned on and Dallin booked it for them. We enjoyed watching him have fun, until he we took of his clothes and left with him crying all the way back to the car.

We spent the afternoon at Temple Square with Jon's sister, Jen, and her daughter Megan who were in town from Maine.

They really do love sharing the single stroller!

Picnic lunch at Hogle Zoo.

We saw the week old baby giraffe while there!

There's a small reservoir near our house that has a fake beach, which the kids love!

This is how it really is each day between the two . . . a struggle!

Heritage Park is a summer favorite of our boys. They especially love playing in the mini playhouse village.

Dallin loves animals, as does Caleb. Dallin just chased the sheep and pushed them and slapped them on their bottoms! (No, he did NOT learn that at home!)

Exhausted after a busy summer day. Ahh the joys of wearing out your kids!

Here's the beautiful Rexburg Temple.

Enjoy the gardens at BYU-Idaho.

The boys all loved jumping on this thing, which just may have been the highlite of our roadtrip to Rexburg (Not be too hard to believe). They did it forever, but hey, we had time to kill from our VERY BUSY schedule, packed with tons of stuff to do in fun-filled Rexburg, ID! We really did have a good time though.