Monday, October 6, 2008

Another mug shot. If Caleb doesn't start pork'n out soon, Dallin's going to pass him up easy and take him down when he's a little older!
Check out this slobber bubble! It was there for a while, until Caleb thought it was fun to pop it.

We finally made it out on the water last month. Too bad I got motion sickness (no! I'm not pregnant!) and didn't do much, but at least I made it on the boat. My boys had a great time, including being submerged by Grandpa.
A summer day, just relaxing and taking a nap on the porch. Who gets to do that these days that isn't old and retired? Oh yeh, that would be my lazy boys! ok, so Jon's not lazy, but the other two could pass.
Caleb loves to be by Dallin, so here are some mug shots on the couch (the only place I let them sit together).

Dallin had hernia surgery a few weeks ago. It went well and he was a trooper! Here he is still waiting for the meds to wear off so we could take him home.