Monday, August 11, 2008

Caleb still loves his mommy though. We hung out at our cabin in Millcreek Canyon to give dad a break.

See, they really are two peas in a pod. Sometimes I feel bad for Jon that he always has a talking shadow. But, then I get over it and I love it!

Caleb and Jon went to a Demolition Derby a couple weeks ago. Now all Caleb wants to do is watch this video and relive the exciting night. He loved watching the cars crash and now makes all his cars crash into each other when he plays. I'm glad Jon took him and a great father-son outing, even though every day is father-son day around here. Dad's Caleb's best bud!

We had Dallin blessed last month. He slept the whole day pretty much, so we never really got a good picture of him. Come to think of it, Caleb did the same thing when he was blessed, so I guess it's ok that neither of our boys have good pictures from their blessing day. Oh well. At least we got one together as a family, right?

We're loving that Dallin found his thumb, and actually prefers it most of the time. He just likes to make his parents happy!