Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Caleb's birthday, and the McQueen cake he ended up wanting (I had a hunch that would happen). I didn't go all out on the cake and make fondant (maybe next year), but instead just made up my own way of doing it. The eyes were droopy, but at least it tasted good (that was the consensous). We stayed in Midway at my parent's condo because that is Caleb's favorite place and he wanted to be there for his birthday. Hey, it's free and easy!

Here are some favorite morning Dallin looks:

He's usually happy happy when he wakes up. Of course there are always the exceptions.

Friday, April 3, 2009

So, I've been lazy and haven't gone out and bought a wire/USB (whatever they're called) to get the pictures off our camera and onto our new computer. The laptop was so much easier! Anyway, now that Spring is finally and hopefully on it's way for real this time, and my boys aren't sick, I'll get out and buy one. Then I'll put some updated pics up. As you can see, I use this mainly to put up photos and not to write, so our site looks neglected. But rest assured, I've been checking all of yours! Our cameras card is full too, so I don't have tons of recent ones either. Soon . . . soon!

Oh, Happy upcoming Easter!