Sunday, June 1, 2008

We go with Heidi's family once a year to a Salt Lake Bees (Triple A) baseball game each summer. Caleb saw the mascot coming towards him and this is how he reacted. Classic!
This is one of my favorite pictures of all time of Caleb. This was taken in Rexburg, ID. We have made it a family tradition to go there each summer. So far we have been successful. 3 for 3. I love it because I went to school and I have a ton of memories. This picture Caleb just looks like a cool dude!
We caught Caleb with Heidi's sunglasses. Love this picture.
Caleb is known for his 'shifty eyes.' This picture is in the cafeteria at BYU-Idaho. He looks so innocent, but only if you knew.
This is old, it's from his first birthday party. It was just Mom, Dad, Aunt Mindy, and Uncle Jeff. Heidi made the hat for him. He thought it was pretty cool. Notice the sweet bib on him, you can't read it, but it says Chick Magnet. Thanks Ashley and Justin!

This a favorite family picture of ours. It was taken in July of 2007 at the Lion House. Heidi's sister Mindy got married and this is at the reception.
I had to give each of you a personal experience of looking into those eyes. He sure is a cute kid!
This is in Santa Barbara, CA. I spoke at EFY there in July of 2007. Heidi came with me and we had a little three day get-away without Caleb. It was absolutely amazing! The campus is behind us and a little to the left. How students study while attending there I will never know.
Here is another picture of us in Santa Barbara.
Heidi's family went backpacking every year for 25 years straight. I was able to partake in that tradition and went in August of 2007. It was for three days and we had a great time. Heidi sure impressed me with her 'outdoor' skills. Watching your wife gut a fish is an awesome experience. She sure is a trooper! Actually, more like a general!

Caleb got a toy lawnmower from his great grandparents which he loves to push around while I mow the lawn. It makes yard work more fun and also enjoyable for Caleb to be outside. I have really gotten into yard work more this year and enjoy seeing the 'fruits of my labor.'