Thursday, October 22, 2009

We were lucky enough to take a trip to NYC and stay with a friend (thanks Tom!). We had a GREAT time! Here are a few highlites, minus all the good food we ate (the best bagels EVER - and I'm big into bagels!) and what we forgot to take pictures of.
The Gugenheim (spelling?) museum - which we didn't go to, but I wanted to. I dragged Jon to the MET instead, which I also loved.
A terrible photo, but here's the temple - where Jon attended Preisthood session of Conference.

The Empire State Bldg. Of course!!

A beautiful view from Central Park (sexy shoulder strap!)

Lalo cafe (You've Got Mail)

I won the lottery tickets to WICKED!!!!! I used my temple reccomend for I.D., which gave for an awkward pause, but the musical was AWESOME! Front row seats for $26 made it even better. Then we got our favorite dessert at Bubba Gumps in Time Square, the cookie skillet, mmmmm!
From the ferry

The Stock Exchange: a point of interest for Jon.

Where George Washingtion was sworn in.
Ground Zero

The frozen hot chocolate (the tip we got of the shakes tasting better was right!).

Brooklyn Bridge - where I almost got run over by a speeding bike!

Nebo Loop picnic pictures

Dallin, oh Dallin!!!

Caleb's 1st day of Preschool! Yeah!

Caleb loves to run around with his cars/trucks like this, and so Dallin does now too. Jon's fun enough to "race" with them all the time.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

We were walking on campus at BYU while waiting for Jon to finish a test, when the sprinklers turned on and Dallin booked it for them. We enjoyed watching him have fun, until he we took of his clothes and left with him crying all the way back to the car.

We spent the afternoon at Temple Square with Jon's sister, Jen, and her daughter Megan who were in town from Maine.

They really do love sharing the single stroller!

Picnic lunch at Hogle Zoo.

We saw the week old baby giraffe while there!

There's a small reservoir near our house that has a fake beach, which the kids love!

This is how it really is each day between the two . . . a struggle!

Heritage Park is a summer favorite of our boys. They especially love playing in the mini playhouse village.

Dallin loves animals, as does Caleb. Dallin just chased the sheep and pushed them and slapped them on their bottoms! (No, he did NOT learn that at home!)

Exhausted after a busy summer day. Ahh the joys of wearing out your kids!

Here's the beautiful Rexburg Temple.

Enjoy the gardens at BYU-Idaho.

The boys all loved jumping on this thing, which just may have been the highlite of our roadtrip to Rexburg (Not be too hard to believe). They did it forever, but hey, we had time to kill from our VERY BUSY schedule, packed with tons of stuff to do in fun-filled Rexburg, ID! We really did have a good time though.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Our cute boys before we left for our cruise. Dallin's a chunk and will honestly be able to take out Caleb in one blow in the next month or two!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

We were so lucky to go on a Greek Isles cruise with my parents and Paul & Anna. We had a wonderful time and saw some absolutely amazing and beautiful places. Oh, and yes, we ate a lot of amazing food. Here is a tiny glimpse of the places we saw. I'll hopefully get around to making a mor indepth slideshow of our great vacation. And a word of gracious thanks to my sister, Becky and her husband, who so willingly watched our boys so we could go on this relaxing vacation.
One of my favorite things to do in Venice is just adore all the wornout, colorful side-canals with the bridges. Beautiful!! It's even better while eating Pistachio gelato!

The famouse, San Marco Square in Venice. Very Crouded!!!

Gondola ride (my favorite passtime of venice).

MMmmmm Italian pizza!!

Venice, after it DUMPPED rain on us for hours in the morning. We were all drenched! this is taken from Rialto bridge just as it began to clear up. I thought it was adventurous, although we don't look the best in the pictures because our of our damp, stretched out clothes and grose, wet hair.

The island of Corfu, Greece. It has some of the most beautiful veiws (unfortunately I didn't capture any real good ones when we were there to share). This was taken from a Palace there.

Overlooking the bay from Santorini (the Island if Thyre) Greece. This once was the top of a volcano, but now the crater has sunk and there a few small towns on top of this crescent-shaped cliff, and some smaller islands across the bay.

Taken from Santorini, Greece, probably my favorite place we went. It is absolutely beautiful there, atop an island cliff overlooking blue water and stark white buildings. Pretty windy, hot, yet the view was spectacular. I loved walking around small stone "streets" (more like paths) and see white on blue everywhere. It is quite a romantice place, if only we had seen the sun set there and been there in the evening! I loved it there.

Didymus, Turkey. The unfnished palace gave a us a feel of visiting Athens (since we didn't go there). It was so cool to see the work that went into these structures. Caleb's new favorite movie is Hercules, so it was fun to be around all the Greek Mythology and places where much of it took place.

Miletus, Turkey. This is an ancient theatre, not as big as the one in Ephesus, but older. Apparently some real important and neat ideas were announced/discussed here in councils. I couldn't understand our guide very well, so we need to brush up on our history of the place now that we've been there.

This is the Library in Ephesus. Amazing! There are a lot of ruins here to see.

Here in Ephesus, Jon took a seat on some of the oldest public toilets in the world with a plumbing system!

This is a shot from our moving bus of the beautiful Old Town in Dubrovnik, Croatia. This was a fascinating place to see, with a plaza fountain, palaces, monestary, white marble roads, and more in this fort built before Napolean took over. Oh, and the food we ate there was sooooo good.

Cruising around and through Venice.