Friday, June 3, 2011

I realized that I don't know how to uplaod more than 5 pics at a time, but I didn't want to deal with trying to figure that out now, so instead I put like 8 posts of photos.

And there you have it! Now it's June of 2011 and I hope to fill this summer with pictures! :)

Reading time - Caleb is so good to help out all the time with Bronson!

Yes, that's right. Caleb "graduated" from Preschool! "It's psychotic!"

He fell asleep sitting up in the chair like this! Babies are the sweetest when they're sleeping!

Jon's birthday
Baseball season . . . again!

He's happy, when he's content! And the rest of the time . . . crying and yelling! But I love him!

Easter Sunday

Dallin's birthday - 3:)

Our Easter eggs we decorated for a neighborhood contest.
He's got a foot fettish. Always sucking on them!

Easter egg hunt at grandma's

Last visit with my parents before they go on their mission.

Chunk'n out!

Visiting my Grandma

The grandparents

the great grandparents

Caleb turns 5!

Valentine's Day

Snow in April!

They have a love/hate relationship most of the time!

Their real personalities!

My only child happy on his blessing day!

The boys in my life!

He couldn't ask for better oder brothers. They love him so much and treat him well:)

Bronson was born right before Halloween, which I spent in the hospital and was hands down one of the worst days of my life! But I'm grateful he made it here at a healthy 6 lb. 12 oz!

So, it's officailly been over a year since I put anything on our blog. I'm lame! I'm finally getting around to it and hopefully I stick with it this time. Here's a brief look at what's been going on with the Wests since!