Tuesday, July 1, 2008

This is the first time Dallin decided to smile long enough so I could get a picture! He's such a good baby!! Caleb has been pretty good with him too, except when he wants to make us mad and he takes a swipe near Dallin. He doesn't actually hit him, but gets as close as he can, like he's threatening us. It's kind of funny.
We went to a SL Bees game and made it through dinner before the game and untill the bottom of the 6th! that's longer than I thought we'd make it before one of the boys got too difficult. Of coarse it was Caleb, who only sat still while he had food loaded with sugar (he gets his sweet tooth from his mom)! Caleb kept meso busy, that as we left I had to ask Jon who they were even playing! Pathetic. Over all we had fun, but next time we're getting a sitter!

So here's how my Sunday went, and why I'm about done typing right now:
As I was trying to decide what shoes to wear to church, and Jon and the boys were already in the car, I stood on our bathtub (as I usually do when I want to see my feet, because we have to get another full-length mirror). I grabbed the top of the shower, next to the tub, to get down, and my ring caught! Instant pain and blood! the ring sliced some skin, but I was just glad that I still had my finger. Don't get any incredibly gross ideas, because it's fine, after going to the emergency room and getting my ring cut off to avoid cutting off my circulation because it swelled so much. Thank goodness it was only my CTR ring ,that I never take off, and not my wedding ring. I will now only ever wear my wedding ring, because I'm so perinoid. It hit me hard to think I could have lost my finger, which is very common. I strained the ligaments in my joint, but it will be fine soon.
Here's some pointers I want to give after my experience:
Remove all your rings when doing activities where they could get caught, i.e. water skiing and rock climbing were mentioned by the nurse.
Titanium ring are EXTREMELY difficult to cut off (and I imagine painful).
Don't ice appendages with gel packs, only ice, because ice melts at body temperature and gel does not, which can cause frostbite (yes, I found out by experience, but it was very minor, just painful)!
(Guys think it's: don't care what you wear)

The funny part is, a couple of my gilfriends in the neighborhood do the same thing; I don't feel dumb afterall!