Thursday, May 7, 2009

Caleb's doing T-ball this spring. He likes hiting, running and throwing the ball, but get's so bored in the outfield (don't we all?). I love seeing him run with his little legs and the huge helmet.

At the condo in Midway

Dallin's always got crazy hair.

I built the boys a fort (Dallin's first) and they loved being in there together. (Of course Caleb wouldn't let Dallin leave and pounced on him each time and made him cry)

Dallin turned 1! He had chocolate cake (a first for both) and he LOVED it, as most kids do. He ate so carefully with his fingers. He was a joy to watch and not bad to clean up.

Hanging outside with dad, going on walks and doing yardwork are frequent occurances at our house, now that the weather is good. They all love it!


So, I figured that all tags should not end with me, so I'll finally do the other tags. I could never top either of my sisters', and these will be short, but here I go:

Three joys:

1- My boys are the joy of my life (all three)
2- Being in the mountains always makes me happy
3- The Gospel of Jesus Christ

Three Fears:

1-Losing one of my boys - Being a mom has definitely given me new and more fears.
2-Losing all of my eye-lashes -I think I've got my dad's hair genes, hence, this truly is my fear!
3-I've got a little aracnyphobia (those of you who know me know I'm not the best speller) - They freak me out no matter how small or big, how few or many, what color or where. I HATE SPIDERS.

Now for 7 things that most people probably don't know about me (this is a hard one):

1- I have a thing for gummy candy's
2- I oppted to forgo the Eiffle Tower for a delicious chocolate crepe (ok, I actually had two, and some ice-cream)!
3- I had 13 teeth pulled and had braces for 7 years, and I still don't have straight teeth.
4- I love to watercolor (really though, I love the end product and not-so-much doing it)
5- In my alternate life I'd love to run a bakery (I like to make baked goods - mostly just because I love to eat them). I have my share of ridiculous, night-time baking stories.
6- I used to love to do crunches (at least 800 a day). All for NOT/naught, after seeing how I carry when pregnant! Now I despise them.
7- I can eat an enitre large pizza if I wanted to. I usually hold back for my image, but especially Jon and my brother Jeff know it's possible.

[Man! Most of those were revolved around food. I'm sure there are lots more interesting these about me that I wouldn't mind sharing, but off the top of my head, this is all I could think of]

Yes, I've been tagged several times and have never done it (sorry). But for this OH NO! tag, it was only one thing, so I thought I'd start off with it. My Oh No moment isn't half as bad as others I've seen (thankfully I haven't had that many YET - I only have one toddler!). This photo is the aftermath a year later; I'm sad I didn't get one in the moment. I was upstairs making pancakes on a typical Saturday morning. Then, Jon and I noticed it was a little quiet (the sign most parents know is trouble). Jon went downstairs to check on Caleb and that's when I heard, "Uhh, HEIDI!!" I knew it was bad after that response! I ran downstairs to find Caleb COVERED with my bright red acrylic paint all over his clothes, the floor and the door. Luckily it was water-based acrylic, so it rinsed out right away from the clothes and off the door. I assumed we were lucky that our basement was (and sadly still is) unfinished, but the paint seeped into the cememt extremely fast and no matter how fast I scrubbed, I couldn't get it all off. I think if it were carpeted, then the paint would've come out easier. Now we get the beauty of red streaks on our basements floor. Thanks Caleb!
I now tag Jesika H., Jamie B., Ashley M. and Michelle N.