Saturday, December 13, 2008

Dallin loves his older brother, who always makes him laugh, just by smiling or laughing. Here's the boys going to town, with Jon's help. (I only caught the tail end of it!)

Friday, December 12, 2008

This is a long video, but I couldn't believe how long I filmed with him not knowing. Caleb loves to watch the old school "Kinght Rider" and he grooves to the music by just bouncing!

So this is how Dallin sits now days.

And, this is how he gets around! Yep, to Jon's dismay, Dallin loves to scoot back until he rolls through the middle splits! I get a kick watching him do this all day long.

Finally, a smiling picture. Dallin (and Caleb for that matter) is so smiley, but as soon as he hears or sees the camera, he's in awe and wants the camera. It's hard to get a photo of him smiling and not moving!

A common occurance: Caleb loves to get in the crib with Dallin. Caleb can't wait for Dallin to wake up and I can't wait for Dallin to grow up, only to play with Caleb (of course I love the stage in life where they still don't crawl!)

This is the look I get ALL the TIME! Love it!

Annual family outing to Gateway on November 12 (the day and place I went on my first date with Jon). We've had our picture taken here every year, including on our first date (don't ask why he had a camera . . . yeh, I thought it was strange, but now I'm glad we have a photo of our first date! Not too many people do.)

It was a doosey! So Caleb threw a ping-pong ball (yes! A PING pong ball) up in the air, never minding he was under the stairs and the ceiling was 3" from his face! He did what his dad always tells him . . . to keep his eye on the ball. It left a pretty mark and a FAT lip for several days. I kept looking for a golf ball under the stairs, but only found the ping-pong ball. The kid must have a great arm!